Ginetta G55 Supercup Car

Ginetta G55 Supercup Sponsorship Opportunity

We are seriously into motor racing and recently won the Ginetta GT5 AM title.  We are looking at doing something a bit different in 2021 by entering the GT Cup which is bigger, faster cars.
They have an avid network of people attending and the races are recorded & viewed live on YouTube, GT Cup TV & Amazon Prime have all their races streamed live & saved to watch.
We have purchased the Ginetta G55 Supercup spec car which is in the GTA category. There are lots of options with hospitality so you can bring customers, clients, family to view all of the different cars racing or just enjoy the atmosphere.
It would be great to have you on board with this new venture. Packages are starting at £5000 – £15,000 & up to £50,000 depending on advertisement & involvement but we would be happy to chat through. 
We are looking to organise track days to take clients out in cars & drive, which was a great experience in 2019 with Pro drivers teaching you & your clients.